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SIDILARSEN: Ancienne Étoile (Ancient Star) Posted by on Mar 12, 2011

Décidémment (it’s quite obvious), as of late, the charmingly quaint city of Montpellier appears de plus en plus (more and more) like the preeminently designated capital of French Nu Metal (and just as you’ve been duly warned last time, “nu” here is meant like the English “new”, not the French word for “naked”!)   “RÉACTIVATION NUMÉRIQUE” is another album of…

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Encore Rémi GAILLARD! (“Ze Very Best Of”) Posted by on Jul 2, 2010

In the videos you have previously seen of le farceur (the prankster) Rémi GAILLARD posted two days ago, the Montpelliérain (name of the inhabitants of the beautiful southern city of Montpellier) displayed only two of his many talents cachés (hidden talents): Namely his ability to infiltrate major évènements sportifs, always undetected, as well as his prouesse…

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