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Back to the Roots: A French-Algerian Rhapsody Posted by on Feb 16, 2012

How long does it take to go on a roadtrip from Paris all the way to Algeria? Probably beaucoup trop longtemps (way too long)! But Hamdoullah (meaning “Thank God” in Arabic, as French-Algerians would say), the cool Uncle, aka “Tonton du Bled”, has fully packed his Peugeot 504 car with plenty of cadeaux (presents) which he bought from…

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French Numbers: Learn to Count from 1 to 1000 Posted by on Nov 1, 2011

Un, deux, trois, c’est parti (one, two, three, here we go)! So… you want to learn how to count in French like a pro? Well, look no further mes amis, because the Transparent French Blog will show you how to do it—en un tour de main (in a flash)!  The key to learning how to…

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