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Must-Know French Slang: Laisse Béton Posted by on Oct 29, 2010

Oyez, oyez ! We’re now officiellement about to cover la première moitié (the first half) of the alphabet in our featured “B.A.-BA de l’argot” (“the ABC of French Slang”), and in order to properly celebrate this one happy occasion, we shall concentrate today on one and only expression which, in many funny ways, epitomizes French Slang: “LAISSE BÉTON !“ This is a “concrete” (uhm) example of a “bétonnière…

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Gratos and other ‘G’ French Slang words Posted by on Aug 30, 2010

Et c’est reparti (here we go again): What would it mean if you hear someone telling you in French: “allez, grouille-toi !”? Or if you’re offered something “gratos“? After we went through the first two parts of the letter ‘G‘, here comes la troisième partie (the third part): “G comme…” (G as in…) * GONFLÉ: We have…

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L’Hexagone Posted by on Sep 30, 2008

France is a country to love as no matter what you are looking for: mountains, beaches, rivers…you will find it all in France. The entire country is roughly 80% the size of Texas, so you have so much available geographically and you can can get to it all in very little time.  It is bordered…

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