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Work it! Posted by on May 6, 2010 in Culture, Vocabulary

Today we are going to aborder (discuss) a topic of which I have only une vague compréhensionl’exercice!

En fait, j’aime bien faire de l’exercice (In fact, I like doing exercise). In Paris, my host sister introduced me to the local piscine municipale (city pool), which was conveniently on the way to the world’s finest boutique des macarons (bonjour, Pierre Hermé). Since it was so near the cookie shop, je me suis abonnée à la piscine. Mon abonnement (my subscription) was the source of enough humor to make fun of the French for a year, but maybe that can be next week’s post.

Beyond la piscine, my host sister had un coach with whom she did des entraînements au gym every week.  (Just as English speakers use a lot of French words to talk about cooking, j’ai l’impression that French people’s discussions of exercise are dominated by English words. Apparently we’re obese exercise maniacs.)

Un coach, or personal trainer, is probablement pas what you will be looking for when you’re trying to burn off some croissants. Let’s learn some vocabulaire de l’exercice!

On peut jouer au sport: one can play sports.

Le baseball

Le basketball

Le football (le foot): soccer

La natation: swimming

L’aviron: rowing (crew)

La pétanque: lawn bowling (this doesn’t count as exercise but it is awesome)

Le hockey

L’escrime: fencing

Le golf (also not exercise; sorry, golfeurs)

Le rugby

Le tennis

L’aquagym: water aerobics (mon sport préféré)

Et plein d’autres (and lots of others).

On peut s’entraîner tout seule: one can train alone (independently).

La varappe: rock-climbing

Courir: to run (le cross: cross-country running)

Le cyclisme: cycling

La randonnée: hiking

Les arts martiaux: martial arts

Le patinage sur glace: ice skating

La haltérophilie: weightlifting (la musculation: bodybuilding. No, I did not learn these words through personal experience.)

Le yoga

Places to exercise:

Le gymnase/ le club de gym: the gym

Le terrain de sport: the sports field

La piscine: the swimming pool

La piste: the track

Le terrain de pétanque: the pétanque court (seriously, play this game)

To motivate you, here’s a pétanque lesson (sadly in English)!

And an awesome video:


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