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Archive for October, 2010

Solution for the conjugation exercise Posted by on Oct 30, 2010

So here are the correct conjugations for the given verbs in my last article. Compare and see if you were right:

Conjugation – an exercise Posted by on Oct 28, 2010

Today I want to practice a little conjugation with you. As you can imagine, there are a lots of different time forms concerning conjugation. For example future, past, subjunctive, past perfect etc… Even for me as a native speaker, it gets to a complicated level very fast.

“Westpakete” Posted by on Oct 25, 2010

I was born in the ehemaligen (former) German Democratic Republic. And although I was still very young at the time als die Berliner Mauer fiel (when the Berlin Wall came down) and Germany was reunited, I can still recall the Mangelversorgung (scanty supply) that occurred damals (in those days). For instance, I can remember that…

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Herbstwetter – Fall weather Posted by on Oct 20, 2010

In this post I would like to give you the opportunity to read some German. I wrote a letter to an imaginary friend. The reason for my letter is the current fall weather in Germany. I also provide an English translation of my letter so that everybody has the opportunity to check their reading/understanding skills…

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“I have no …” – Negations with “kein/keine/keinen/etc.” Posted by on Oct 18, 2010

When someone is asking you in German for a particular noun, for example, when you are asked if you have or posses something, e.g. time, a brother, a sister, children, a pen, etc., you have to use a declined form of the word kein in order to negate your statement. For example, when I ask…

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Stuttgart 21 – The escalation Posted by on Oct 13, 2010

This article is about one of the most current political matter that we have in Germany these weeks: The railway project Stuttgart 21.

Exploring the German letter ß Posted by on Oct 12, 2010

The German language has a letter that does not appear in its alphabet: the letter ß. Because of its shape the letter ß can be easily mistaken for a B. The ß, pronounced Eszett, is a ligature of the initial- and inner-s and the final-s of the German type font, which was used from the…

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