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Three Festive German Hot Drinks Posted by on Nov 30, 2020

Next week is already December and as the months get colder I crave for some festive drinks! Here are three festive hot drinks that you will typically find in German Christmas markets or at home during the festive period. Glühwein – Mulled Wine The most well-known drink for the hot months is Glühwein. This is…

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Black Friday in Germany Posted by on Nov 27, 2020

Some years ago, we discussed the Schwarzer Freitag (Black Friday) in Germany. It is not remembered as a good day, as it refers to one of the worst days of the 1929 financial crisis. The shopping spree Friday exists in Germany, too, though. In that last post, I provided some vocabulary to make shopping in Germany a…

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What Will Christmas Look Like In Germany This Year? Posted by on Nov 25, 2020

Guten Tag! In exactly one month, it will be Weihnachten (Christmas)! And, for obvious reasons, Weihnachten is going to look quite different this year. In Germany, this is no exception. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions, new rules have been put together for the Christmas period in celebrating countries. The aim is to allow people…

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75 Years Ago: The Nuremberg Trials Posted by on Nov 23, 2020

Last Friday was the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Nürnberger Prozesse (Nuremberg trials). It was a series of Strafprozesse (criminal trials) to bring Nazis to justice. The Prozesse are seen as the beginning of the Völkerstrafrecht (International Criminal Law) and were an important marker how justice can be served to people that have such severe crimes…

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Sprechen, Reden, Sagen – What’s The Difference? Posted by on Nov 18, 2020

Guten Tag! Recently I wrote a post recapping the verb sprechen – to speak, talk, or say. Like in English, there are several words in German with similar meanings to the word sprechen. I thought it might be useful as a follow-up post to go through some of these words and give some example sentences…

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The US Election in Germany Posted by on Nov 12, 2020

As expected, the US election was a drawn-out process this time with television networks being careful with their projections. The winner was projected only last Friday. As always with the election of a new president in the United States, the whole world was watching – Germany as well. How was the election covered, and what…

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The German Word Fisimatenten Posted by on Nov 11, 2020

Guten Tag! Today we’re looking at a peculiar German word: Fisimatenten. If you’re thinking, Well, that doesn’t look like a German word, you’d be right! There are a few different theories as to this word’s origins. But before we get into that, what on earth does Fisimatenten actually mean? Die Fisimatenten Fisimatenten is difficult to…

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