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German Vocabulary For The Workplace Posted by on Mar 29, 2022 in Language, Vocabulary

Different scenarios are always a useful way to learn new German vocabulary. Here is a post to help you with simple vocabulary that you can use in the workplace.

The Basics

die Arbeit                     the work

das Büro                       the office

der Beruf                      the profession

der Lebenslauf           the curriculum vitae (have a look at this post here if you want to know more specifically about a German CV)

der Arbeitgeber/die Arbeitgeberin            the employer (masculine/feminine)

der Arbeitnehmer/die Arbeitnehmerin   the employee (masculine/feminine)

der Chef/die Chefin  the boss (masculine/feminine)

die Probestunde        the trial hour

die Pause                       the break

die Vollzeitstelle        the full time position

die Teilzeitstelle         the part time position

der Arbeitsplatz          the workplace

die Gleitzeit                  flexible working hours (for example: Gleitzeit zwischen 9 – 10 Uhr, meaning you can start work between 9 and 10am)

Home-Office                 working from home (a bit of Denglish for you!)

die Abmahnung          the warning

das Aufgabengebiet    the area of responsibility

das Arbeitsamt            the job centre

arbeitslos                     unemployed

das Praktikum            the internship

die Bewerbung            the application

das Bewerbungsgespräch   the interview

der Urlaub                      the holiday

der Urlaubsanspruch      the holiday entitlement

die Überstunden          the overtime

angestellt                         employed

selbstständig                  self employed

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Starting a New Job

das Eintrittsdatum        the starting date

der Arbeitsvertrag        the work contract

einen befristeten Vertrag      a fixed term contract

einen unbefristeten Vertrag  an unlimited contract

der Gehalt                        the salary

die Probezeit            the probation period (which is usually six months in Germany)

die Einarbeitung             the training/the onboarding

Ending a Job

die Kündigung                the notice of termination

die Kündigungsfrist      the notice period (usually either 1 or 3 months in Germany)

das Arbeitszeugnis         the reference

das Abschiedsgeschenk  the leaving present

die Abschiedsfeier          the leaving party

On that note, I also wanted to say that this will be my last post at Transparent Language. I have been writing here for years and I have  really enjoyed writing these posts and I hope that you could also learn something from them, here is a link to all the posts I have written over the years.

If you would like to keep in touch with what I am getting up to in Germany, feel free to follow me on my instagram here or my travel blog that you can find here. Thank you for reading my posts, taking part in my quizzes and also commenting with your thoughts and questions. I wish you all the best in your journey with learning German.

Vielen Dank

Auf Wiedersehen,


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