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Archive for September, 2011

Jugendsprache – Teenage Slang Posted by on Sep 30, 2011

People define themselves via the language they use. When young people reach puberty they try to distance themselves linguistically from their parents and other adults. This results in Jugendsprache (teenage slang). Jugendsprache develops fast because when the words have established within a linguistic system and even adults use the new created words in their speech…

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Bernhard Schlink: Der Vorleser – The Reader, I Posted by on Sep 24, 2011

Als ich fünfzehn war, hatte ich Gelbsucht. Die Krankheit begann im Herbst und endete im Frühjahr. Je kälter und dunkler das alte Jahr wurde, desto schwächer wurde ich. Erst mit dem neuen Jahr ging es aufwärts. Der Januar war warm, und meine Mutter richtete mir das Bett auf dem Balkon. Ich sah den Himmel, die…

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Drachenfest Posted by on Sep 13, 2011

Two weeks ago we had the chance to attend an event that is quite unusual. At least I didn´t see one like this before. It was called Drachenfest and it was all about Drachen (kites).   The event took place on a big Wiese (hayfield) where hundreds of people met to fly their kites. Unfortunately…

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9/11 – Zehn Jahre danach (Ten years after) Posted by on Sep 11, 2011

Exactly ten years ago, the Terroranschläge (terrorist attacks) on the World Trade Center happened in New York. But still, the whole subject is very present in Germany. Especially for the anniversary, there are unzählige (countless) documentaries and discussions on TV. Since weeks you can see them almost daily. And when you see the horrible pictures…

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Deutschen Modalverben – German modal verbs II: müssen, sollen, wollen Posted by on Sep 7, 2011

Today I’d like to continue with German modal verbs. In my previous post I introduced you the modal verbs dürfen, können, and möchten. This time we will have a look at the three remaining modals müssen, sollen, and wollen. Modal verbs are a type of modifiers because they change the meaning of a sentence a…

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Deutsche Modalverben – German modal verbs I: dürfen, können, möchten Posted by on Sep 2, 2011

Modal verbs modify an action or situation by expressing the ideas of permission, ability, obligation, necessity, etc. The six German modal verbs are: dürfen – may / to be allowed to können – can / to be able to möchten – to like to / to want to müssen – must / to have to…

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