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Archive for April, 2012

Audiovisual comprehension – Der Garten Posted by on Apr 30, 2012

This is an audiovisual comprehension about the garden. I´ll give you a little help with the following vocabulary: der Garten – garden deer Gemüsegarten – vegetable garden/kitchen garden das Kräuterbeet – herb bed der Rosmarin – rosemary der Thymian – thyme der Schnittlauch – chives die Erdbeere – strawberry der Rettich – radish die Karotte…

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German movies – Die Welle Posted by on Apr 26, 2012

Hi everybody, it´s time for another German movie that I want to introduce you. This one is pretty interesting because it has it´s analogies to German history though it takes place in present time. “Die Welle” is a drama that was made in 2008. A Lehrer (teacher), played by Jürgen Vogel, is doing a social…

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Expressing your opinions in German Posted by on Apr 18, 2012

As soon as you are engaged in interpersonal communicative situation, e.g. in face-to-face situations or any form of written exchange, you will recognize that it is more or less necessary to define your position at some time. In other words, sooner or later your interlocutor would ask you about your opinion on a particular topic…

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German Idiomatic Expressions: Rund ums “Ohr”– All about the “ear” Posted by on Apr 16, 2012

In my last post I already began to talk about idioms – fixed phrases whose meaning cannot be inferred from the meanings of the individual words. This time I would like to focus on idioms that have to do with the ear because there are many useful German idioms, containing the ‘ear’, that will help…

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German Idiomatic Expressions: Becoming competent in no time at all Posted by on Apr 13, 2012

Language cuts both ways. On the one hand, language is an open system and allows its users to be creative and to produce as many novel expressions as wished, as long as they make sense. That is, it is not necessary to have ever heard a particular phrase or sentence before in one’s life in…

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German Pop Music: Pur Posted by on Apr 11, 2012

Since I have begun to write blog entries for Transparent Language, I know that there are several German music bands who are very well known beyond the borders of Germany, e.g. Rammstein, Scorpions, and Tokyo Hotel. But do you also know the German band PUR? PUR has been the most successful German band in Germany…

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School life in Germany: The former German Democratic Republic Posted by on Apr 10, 2012

How do German students spend their days in school? Of course, they attend classes, sit tests, and prepare for their graduation. But how does this exactly look like? Although schooling is more or less a worldwide operation I have recognized that there are still significant differences between countries. For example, in France the satus quo…

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