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German Idioms 34: New Beginnings Posted by on Jan 21, 2022

German idioms zero bei Null anfangen Anfang

It’s a new year! Perhaps you have devised some gute Vorsätze fürs neue Jahr (m, New Year’s resolutions) to finally get fit, wake up earlier, take up your weekends to truly rest, or finally do those trips you wanted to go on. We like doing this at the beginning of the year, as it’s a new Anfang (m…

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German Idioms 33: Procrastination Posted by on Dec 29, 2021

procrastination German Idioms

It’s the holiday time, and we’re nearing Silvester (NYE), and a new year! And I have to say: the lazy holiday days are not the most motivating to sit down at your computer and write a post. But we tell ourselves to do the important things first, or to not procrastinate. So here we are! We have…

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11 Animal-Related Sayings In German Posted by on Nov 17, 2021


Guten Tag! Today I have a light-hearted little post for you where you will get to learn some Sprichwörter (das Sprichwort: The saying/proverb). In particular, this post will focus on Sprichwörter relating to die Tiere (das Tier: animal)! 11 animal-related sayings in German Da steppt der Bär Literally: ‘There dances the bear’ Meaning: “That’s where…

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German Idioms 32: Rainy days! Posted by on Sep 30, 2021

Löwe Lion Dog Hund Sprichwort Idiom

Summer is done, it’s time for der Herbst (autumn/fall)! And what comes with this time of the year? Well, der Regen (rain), of course. So let’s look at a idioms again. Here’s a Sprichwort (n, saying) and a Ausdruck (m, expression) that are related to Regen! For previous posts in the series on German Idioms, please follow this link. Sich regen bringt Segen Literally…

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German Idioms 31: The Sun Makes Us Feel Good Posted by on Jul 30, 2021

German Idioms Sun

Die Sonne (the sun). When we think of her warm rays and light, it puts a smile on our faces. The sun helps us be healthy, lets us grow our food, makes beach days fun! The sun is an all-around positive! And that’s also reflected in Redensarten (idioms). So let’s look at two German idioms that talk about…

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The German Expression ‘Vitamin B’ Posted by on Jun 16, 2021

vitamin b

Guten Tag! Today we’re going to look at a term that isn’t what it seems in German! The term in question is Vitamin B. What is Vitamin B? In one context, the phrase Vitamin B is exactly what it looks like: the German translation of vitamin B. In German, the word Vitamin is spelt the…

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Unusual Ways To Say “I Don’t Care” In German Posted by on May 17, 2021


Guten Tag! Whilst it’s fairly easy to express yourself with yes and no in German, do you know how to respond in German if someone presents a couple of options to you, and you don’t mind either way which one is chosen? Alternatively, how do you let someone know – perhaps in a more heated…

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