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German Abbreviations Posted by on Mar 27, 2015

This post is about commonly used Abkürzungen (abbreviations) to use when you write in everyday life. You might have already seen some abbreviations listed below but never known what they meant, so here are the Übersetzungen (translations): Abbreviations to use in emails: LG   =   Liebe Grüsse: Best regards – the literal translation would be “love…

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German Abbreviations – Abkürzungen Posted by on Nov 18, 2010

Today I want show you some of the most important abbreviations in German language. Most of them are so common, that you don´t even realize that it´s an abbreviation while reading. At least when you´re living in a German spoken country. So when you read letters, tutorials, stories etc. in German, I´m sure that you…

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