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Die Kaffeeriecher: The Coffee Sniffers Posted by on May 19, 2021


Guten Tag! Today’s post is about one of my favourite things – coffee! We’ve talked about coffee (der Kaffee) a few times on the blog, including this post on Germany’s Kaffee und Kuchen Kultur (coffee and cake culture), and this one, which talks about a scam called die Kaffeefahrt. In today’s post, however, we’re going…

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7 German Home Traditions Posted by on Feb 17, 2021

german home traditions

Guten Tag! Last time on the blog, we looked at some of the features of a German home. Today, continuing on the theme of ‘Wir bleiben zuhause’ (‘We’re staying at home’), we’ll look at some German home traditions. German Home Traditions: Housewarming A tradition surrounding die Hauseinweihung (housewarming) in Germany is to give bread and…

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A Delicious German Tradition: Kaffee und Kuchen! Posted by on Jun 12, 2020

It’s time for Kaffee und Kuchen! Every Sunday, usually, Germans come together for Kaffee (coffee) and Kuchen (cake). What does this tradition look like, how do you do it right? And where does it come from? Let’s have a entspannten (relaxing) look! Noch ein Stück? It’s Sonntag (Sunday), and you’re invited by your friend to come to their home for Kaffee und Kuchen in…

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The Curiosity of the German Word “Koffein” Posted by on Jun 13, 2019

Do you drink Kaffee (coffee)? Whether you drink it because you like the Geschmack (taste), just out of Gewohnheit (habit) or for the Koffein (caffeine), it sure is a very popular Getränk (drink). But wait a second – Kaffee contains Koffein? What’s going on here? Click here for previous entries in the series on curious words in German A Curious History So even though Kaffee is written…

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How To Make German Iced Coffee Posted by on Jul 27, 2018

Guten Tag! It’s mid-summer and the UK has been sweltering lately, so my usual hot coffee has been replaced with iced coffee. The other day my mum mentioned Eiskaffee, the traditional German ‘iced coffee’, and I felt inspired to share this, quite frankly, amazing beverage with you all so you, too, can make your very…

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