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Euro 2020: Can Germany Win Again? Posted by on Jun 14, 2021

Euro 2020 Germany Munich Stadium

Tomorrow is the day that many have looked forward to for months – Germany plays again as a Nationalmannschaft (f, national team) in the European Football Championship, or short Europameisterschaft. Delayed by a year due to das Coronavirus, the Euro 2020 started a few days ago and runs through July 11. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the…

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European championship Posted by on Jun 14, 2012

Since a couple of days, the Europameisterschaft (European championship) 2012 is running in Poland and Ukraine. You might ask “Which sport?”. But if you are in Europe these days or if you know a little about European sports, there is only one answer: Fußball (soccer). Especially in Central Europe, people are crazy about this game…

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