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German Sayings + Expressions 22: Heat, Heat, Heat Posted by on Jul 4, 2019

These past few weeks and the upcoming ones have been showing tropische Temperaturen (tropical temperatures) in Germany, with up to 40°C (104°F). Not only time to look for some Sonnencreme (sunscreen) and some Schatten (shade), but also a Sprichwort (saying) and an Ausdruck (expression) that go along with it! As always, let’s start with the Sprichwort. For older posts, please follow this link. Now, let’s…

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Hundstage – Dog Days Posted by on Aug 30, 2011

Last week we had the so called “Hundstage” (Dog Days) in Germany. Don´t think about the movie from 1975 starring Al Pacino. It´s more abtut the Wetter (weather). I guess the meaning of Hundstage respectively Dog Days is the same in German and English. Well, I simply wanted to say: It was soooo hot! In…

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