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New Year Decluttering In German Posted by on Jan 5, 2022


Guten Tag und frohes neues Jahr (Hello and Happy New Year)! I don’t know about you, but around this time of year I love having a good clear-out. Even if you don’t subscribe to the ‘Neues Jahr, neues ich’ (‘New Year, new me’) sentiment, it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of the ‘fresh start’…

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4 Times Germans Took Their Sense Of Order Hilariously Far Posted by on Sep 15, 2016

My father has told me many times a proverb that also he grew up with: Ordnung ist das halbe Leben (order is half your life). Yes, Germans cherish tidiness and order, which can go into the absurd. Sometimes, Germans just take their Ordnungssinn (sense of order) too far! Enjoy! 4. Maschendrahtzaun Back in the 1990s, one particular woman became…

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Mülltrennung – How the Germans Separate Their Waste Posted by on Jul 29, 2014

It is probably something that is not talked about much – but different in every country. In Germany, we separate our waste generally in Restmüll (residual waste), Bioabfall (biowaste), Gartenabfall (garden waste), Altpapier (paper waste), Altglas (glass waste), and Grüner Punkt (Green Dot) waste. The Grüner Punkt labels the so-called Leichtstoffverpackungen (LVP) (Lightweight Packaging). This LVP is already enough prepared by the producer for recycling that it does not have to be taken back…

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