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Wetten, dass … ? Posted by on Feb 27, 2011

Wetten, dass …. ? is one of Germany’s most popular entertainment show, which is broadcasted six times a year from different locations in Germany, and sometimes also from Switzerland and Austria. It attracts about 10 million viewers. Wetten, dass … ? was first broadcasted in 1981. Frank Elstner, who developed the show, had also presented…

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Toast Hawaii Posted by on Nov 5, 2010

Kochsendungen (cookery shows) are very beliebt (popular) in Germany. Nowadays, there are a lot of them im Fernsehen (on TV). Germany’s first television cookery show was called “Bitte in zehn Minuten zu Tisch” (here: Dinner will be served in ten minutes) and ging auf Sendung (went on the air) in 1953. The show was presented…

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