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Easter (Second Part) Posted by on Apr 11, 2012

We continue from the last post with the Easter celebration in Greece. Last time we stopped to the Great Thursday that the tsoureki and the red eggs are prepared. Holy Friday is a day of mourning since Jesus died on the cross. Bells will ring slow and steady through the day and the Greek flags…

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Easter, Πάσχα Posted by on Apr 9, 2012

Easter (Πάσχα,Pascha) is the second largest celebration after the Orthodox Christmas. For others Easter is considered to be more important than Christmas. It is celebrated throughout Greece where there are different customs from one city to the other. For the Orthodoxs the Great Week has just begun yesterday. This Sunday is called the Palm Sunday…

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Tenses – Simple future 1st Conjugation Posted by on Apr 6, 2012

The simple future is used to express an action which occurs only once in the future. It is formed with the particle θα (tha) = will plus the verb. The most of the verbs change their form when they are used to form the future tense. Few of the do not change their form. The…

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