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Irregular Greek verbs: to eat Posted by on May 25, 2016

The verb “to eat” (τρώω) is one of the most common and  irregular Greek verbs. In this post, there are examples of its conjugation and use. Some types cannot be translated in English.   Ενεργητική Φωνή (Active voice)   Ενεστώτας: τρώω / I eat, I am eating Τα παιδιά τρώνε πολλά γλυκά. / The children…

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Imperative Mood in Greek Posted by on May 18, 2016

In oral speech the Imperative is used frequently in order to express a command, a request or prohibition. This post is an introduction to the Imperative Mood with examples on its use.   1.  Συνεχής (Continuous) Πρόσεχε τον εαυτό σου. / Take care of yourself. Μη δίνεις το τηλέφωνό σου σε αγνώστους. / Don’t…

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Quiz on Greek food Posted by on May 11, 2016

In this post there is a quiz related to Greek food. If you like Greek food and you are familiar to it, you might find this quiz interesting! 1. Which of the following is not suitable for vegans? a. ιμάμ μπαϊλντί (imam baildi) b. μουσακάς (mousakas) c. φασολάκια (fasolakia)   2. What is the main…

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