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About Greek taverna Posted by on Mar 28, 2018

Food is is one of the most important elements of Greek culture. As a Greek living on Greece, I am interested in the Greek American eating habits, and particularly in the type of food the menu in a Greek American taverna consists of. After watching some videos and reading the menu of random Greek American…

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Use of Greek: yet, already, still, since, for Posted by on Mar 15, 2018

Γεια σας! This post is about the Greek words for already, for, since, just, yet and still. Read the following examples to see the different use of these words. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! Example 1 ήδη and κιόλας can be used to mean already.Κιόλας is colloquial and more…

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“Animal” verbs in Greek Posted by on Mar 8, 2018

Γεια σας! A few years ago I wrote a post about animal words used when describing people. In this post, there is a list of slang words deriving from animal words. They are verbs and we use them everyday but when translated, they are less “revealing”.   If you use similar expressions in your language, feel…

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