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Kitchen Vocabulary in Greek Posted by on Nov 28, 2019

Γεια σας! In this post there is vocabulary extension with words about the kitchen. This time, instead of a list of words there is a text followed by an English translation. Το πρωί πήγα στην κουζίνα για να φτιάξω πρωινό. Η καφετιέρα μου έχει χαλάσει. Έκοψα καφέ στο μύλο, τον έβαλα στο μπρίκι και άναψα…

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Sports vocabulary in Greek Posted by on Nov 21, 2019

Last week two athletes from Greece were distinguished. Panos Triantafyllou (Πάνος Τριανταφύλλου) won the gold medal at the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation’s (IWAS) Wheelchair Fencing World Cup in Amsterdam. Panos Triantafyllou had a car accident in 2004 and started practicing sports three months later. The other athlete is Stefanos Tsitsipas (Στέφανος Τσιτσιπάς) who…

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Greek recipe: tzatziki Posted by on Nov 12, 2019

Γεια σας! Today I will share with you a recipe of one of the most famous Greek appetizers: τζατζίκι! For those of you who are not familiar with Greek food, tzatziki is a dip made of yogurt, cucumber and garlic. It is made with ingredients found in any grocery store, so you should give it…

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