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Eight colloquial Greek verbs Posted by on Feb 18, 2020

Γεια σας! Everyday life expressions are always interesting and hard to know because they cannot be found in textbooks. In this post, there are eight common verbs used in casual conversations.   #1. κουκουλώνομαι: to cover oneself with a blanket or with thick clothes. Example: Γιατί κοκουλώθηκες έτσι; Κρυώνεις; / Why did you cover yourself…

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Common Greek filler words and phrases Posted by on Feb 6, 2020

Γεια σας! Today we will see some common filler words and phrases which are used in oral speech. These words are meaningless, so do not try to translate them. They are only used when we want to make a pause or when we feel awkward and hesitant during a conversation. #1. Λοιπόν It can mean…

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