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Word family in Greek: present Posted by on Nov 30, 2021

Γεια σας. We are going through a period of gratitude, which is materially by offering presents. Therefore, it is a nice opportunity to meet word family in Greek, whose kernel is the word “present”. If you interested in words families, check the post Word families in Greek: Part One and Word families in Greek: Part…

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Greek words of Turkish origin Posted by on Nov 18, 2021

What does a watermelon and a shoe have in common? Is there any difference between a “butcher” and a “meat seller”? You can use your imagination to find the answers or to carry on reading. In this post there is a list of common words used in standard Greek. All these words are of Turkish…

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Greek idioms: preposition “with” Posted by on Nov 5, 2021

Γεια σας. Today we will see some expressions with the preposition με. Με means with. Some of the examples are hard to translate, so I have tried to describe their meaning. If you want to add or to change something, feel free to leave a comment. If you want to test how good you are…

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