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Crossword / Σταυρόλεξο Posted by on May 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today I will try something different. I created a crossword using words from my posts. All the words can be found in my previous posts. It took me very very long time to create it. So, please let me now if you like it  😉



2.      Past form of ζώ  (5)

4.      Present form of : θα πετάξω  (4)

8.      Evening greeting  (9)

12.    The number eight  (4)

13.    Virgin goddess of wilderness,fertility,hunt and wild animals who belongs in the 12 Gods of Olympus  (7)

15.    Groom and ____  (4)

16.    First day of the week  (7)

18.    The Greek national Anthem was taken from the poem : Ύμνος εις την_________.  (9)

21.    The feminine form of the adjective: Μεγάλος  (6)

24.    The name of the Santa Claus in Greek. Άγιος ____.  (7)

26.    This is where we sleep  (7)

27.    Term that we use in order to describe the celebration activities of the Clean Monday  (8)



1.      Easter in Greek  (5)

3.      My name in Greek  (7)

4.      We wear those on feet.  (9)

5.      Her name is Viki. ____λένε Βίκυ.  (3)

6.      Masculine indefinite article in nominative  (4)

7.      Πως ____λένε; (Second person singular)  (2)

9.      Flag in Greek  (6)

10.    I am hungry  (5)

11.    Morning greeting  (8)

14.    Personal pronoun, Indirect object of the first person singular  (3)

17.    This is the___ (3)___ time this happens to me. Also day of the week.  (5)

19.    I am (translation)  (5)

20.    This word answers to “thank you !”  (8)

21.    This is the name of the month when we celebrate our independence day  (7)

22.    The color of the Easter eggs  (7)

23.    The color of the clouds  (5)

25.    Color of the Greek flag  (4)












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  1. George N:

    Very fun, thank you! The hard work paid off.