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Greek expressions with colors Posted by on Apr 30, 2020

Γεια σας! Σήμερα θα ξεφύγουμε από το θέμα των ημερών και θα δούμε μερικές εκφράσεις με τα χρώματα. Today we will change topic and we will see some common expressions with the colors.   κοκκινίζω= (from κόκκινος, κόκκινη, κόκκινο which means red): to blush, to turn red Noun: το κόκκίνισμα κιτρινίζω= (from κίτρινος, κίτρινη, κίτρινο…

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Funny color names in Greek Posted by on Aug 4, 2014

Besides the “mainstream” color names that we know there are shades of colors which are used in oral speech only. They derive from nouns and some of them are used in a humoristic way and denote bad taste. They end in –ι with accent and are indeclinable.  Below there is a list of  colors with…

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Say the colors in Greek Posted by on Apr 6, 2014

Ήρθε η άνοιξη! (Irthe i anixi, spring is in the air) Spring is the season of colors and the Greek vocabulary is rich in adjectives and idioms related to colors (χρώματα, hromata). The colors grammatically are adjectives, so they  have genders, singular and plural and cases, i.e. they are not invariable. 1. Form of colors…

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