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Greek quiz inspired by the rain Posted by on Oct 15, 2021

Γεια σας από τη βροχερή Αθήνα! Hello from rainy Athens. Today we will do a grammar quiz, with phrases related to rain. The quiz is suitable for intermediate students. You will find the answer key on the next post. If you want me to check your answers, feel free to leave a comment. Καλή τύχη!…

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Quiz on Greek idioms Posted by on Sep 22, 2020

Γεια σας! Do you understand Greek idioms and phrases? Do this quiz to find out: Pick (a) or (b) to translate the English phrases in Greek.   #1. I will start the washing machine. a. Θα βάλω μπρος το πλυντήριο. b. Θα αρχίσω το πλυντήριο. #2. I will make a lot of money. a. Θα…

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Greek vocabulary quiz for upper-intermediate students Posted by on Aug 21, 2019

Γεια σας! The summer will end soon and some of you might want to review vocabulary before resuming the Greek lessons. In this post, there is a vocabulary quiz suitable for upper-intermediate students (B2 level). For sentences 1-12 choose the Greek word (α, β, γ or δ) that has the same meaning as the English…

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Greek vocabulary quiz for all levels Posted by on Aug 16, 2017

Summer will end up in a couple of weeks, so it’s time to review the vocabulary. This time, the quiz has three sections: questions 1-8 are for beginners, 9-16 for intermediate students and 17-24 for advanced students. All you have to do is to choose the word that has a similar meaning to the word…

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Vocabulary quiz: find the synonym Posted by on Jun 26, 2017

Γεια σας! It will be July soon and some learners are having a break from their studies. If you want to take a break but not to lose contact with the language, this post is for you. There is a vocabulary quiz suitable for beginners and pre-intermediate students: all you have to do is to…

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Greek vocabulary quiz: house types Posted by on Nov 23, 2016

Time for a vocabulary quiz! It is about house types. Test your knowledge, expand your vocabulary and have fun! Only one answer is correct. Καλή επιτυχία! 1. Πήγαμε εκδρομή στο βουνό. Περάσαμε τη νύχτα σε ένα … (We went on a trip to the mountain. We spent the night in a shelter) α. εκκλησάκι β. καταφύγιο…

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City vocabulary in Greek Posted by on Aug 24, 2016

Γεια σας! In this post you will find vocabulary related to places in the city. You could use it to make your own list or flashcards or mind maps. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate students.   city: πόλη (η) square: πλατεία (η) road: δρόμος (ο) street: οδός (η) avenue: λεωφόρος (η) highway: αυτοκινητόδρομος…

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