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20 Greek verbs in the Past Simple tense Posted by on Sep 6, 2017

Γεια σας και καλό φθινόπωρο! Hello, have a nice autumn! It’s time to do grammar, so in this post there is a list of 20 verbs which form an irregular Simple Past tense (Αόριστος). Although they are very common, their form and use often create confusion. If you have any questions, feel free to leave…

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Back to the future! Greek irregular verbs you must know Posted by on Sep 17, 2014

A few months ago I posted a list of common irregular verbs in the Past Simple tense (Αόριστος, aoristos). The same verbs have an irregular form in the Simple Future tense (Στιγμιαίος Μέλλοντας, (stigmiaios melontas):   Ενεστώτας(Enestotas) Present Transliteration Definition Μέλλοντας(Melontas) Future Simple Transliteration είμαι ime to be θα είμαι tha eimai έχω eho to…

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Let’s talk about the Past! Greek Irregular verbs you must know Posted by on Mar 19, 2014

Αόριστος (Aoristos, Past Simple) is one of the most challenging tenses beginners have to deal with. For information on the Aoristos conjugation check this entry Below there’s a list of some common verbs which have an irregular form and a dialogue in order to put these verbs in context. Ενεστώτας (Enestotas) Present Transliteration Definition…

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