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Common mistakes in Greek (part 2) Posted by on Jan 10, 2022

Γεια σας! Two years ago I wrote a post about the most  common mistakes foreigners make in Greek. Today, the topic of the post is the incorrect use of Greek, so it is the “sequel” of the previous post.     #1. Είμαι αργά or είμαι αργός. This phrase means “I am slow” and people…

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Common mistakes in Greek (part 1) Posted by on Dec 7, 2020

Γεια σας! Το θέμα μας σήμερα είναι κάποια από τα συνηθισμένα λάθη που κάνουν οι ξένοι μαθητές στα ελληνικά. The post is about some of the most common mistakes foreign students make in Greek. I have written articles with the same topic a few years ago. You can check this and this. #1. Ίσως /…

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Passing through the Symplegades: Avoiding Some of the Most Common Mistakes in Greek Posted by on Jul 17, 2013

In Greek mythology, the Symplegades were two rocks that crashed together every time a ship was passing between them. In spite of the different techniques used in the process of learning a foreign language, we all pass through the slamming rocks. We all make mistakes and we all get discouraged.   Some of the most…

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