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Let’s Plan a Hebrew Immersion Day! Posted by on Mar 30, 2012

Okay everyone, let’s have a Hebrew Immersion day. That means we’re going to choose a day and close our lesson books, shut down our language learning software, and we are not going to learn עִבְרִית (iv-rit – Hebrew). Studying and going to class is not enough. There are so many ways you can use and…

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Avocado Sandwich Posted by on Mar 28, 2012

Feeling a little hungry? This recipe makes a very tasty snack, or even a meal. This recipe here makes enough for one person. Useful Vocabulary to slice, to cut – פָּרַס (pa-ras) a slice, piece – פְּרוּסָה (pe-ru-sa) sliced – פָּרוּס (pa-rus) slices – פְּרוּסָות (pe-ru-sa-ot) toasted, roasted – קָלוּי (ka-lu-i) whole wheat – חִטָּה…

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Learning the Hebrew Alef-Bet – Part 5 Posted by on Mar 23, 2012

Today’s date: 29th of Adar, 5772 כ״ט באדר תשע״ב Candle lighting – 5:13p הדלקת נרות This is the last post for learning to read the Hebrew alef-bet. We’re going to look at three letters that do double duty in looks and pronunciation. You'll need to pay close attention to these as the difference is whether…

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Learning the Hebrew Alef-Bet – Part 4 Posted by on Mar 19, 2012

Today’s date: 25th of Adar, 5772 – כ״ה באדר תשע״ב Since we’ve started part 1 of learning to read the alef-bet, we have learned 16 letters so far. Now we’re going to look at 4 more and learn a new vowel sound (with two forms this time). Let’s get started! ק (kof / kuf –…

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Learning the Hebrew Alef-Bet – Part 3 Posted by on Mar 14, 2012

Today’s date: 20th of Adar, 5772 – כ׳ באדר תשע״ב Here we are on our third post for learning the Hebrew Alef-Bet. If you were able to follow along with the past two, and if you practiced your reading skills, let’s start with some more new words but this time I’ll see if you can…

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Learning the Hebrew Alef-Bet – Part 2 Posted by on Mar 12, 2012

Today’s date: 19th of Adar, 5772 – י״ט באדר תשע״ב שלום! and welcome to part two of this series on learning to read Hebrew. In this post, I’ll be giving you some new letters, and some practice reading some Hebrew sentences. Ready to get started? Our first letter is שׁ (sheen – שִׁין) and has…

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Learning the Hebrew Alef-Bet – Part 1 Posted by on Mar 9, 2012

Today’s Date: 15th of Adar, 5772 – ט״ו באדר תשע״ב Celebrating: Shushan Purim – שושן פורים Candle Lighting: 5:03p – הדלקת נרות The Hebrew alphabet is used in the writing of the Hebrew language, as well as Yiddish, Ladino, and Judeo-Arabic. The Hebrew alphabet consists of 22 letters and is written from right to left…

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