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Landmines in Israel Posted by on Apr 22, 2019

Many minefields (שְׂדוֺת מוֹקְשִׁים) scattered throughout Israel. More than one million mines (מוֹקְשִׁים), anti-personal and anti-tank, are concealed under the ground of Israel. They were laid over the years by the armies of Israel, Syria, Jordan and Egypt mostly along the borders of Israel, but also near military camps and training areas. The IDF maintained…

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What to Know Before the Israeli General Elections Posted by on Apr 8, 2019

General elections will be held in Israel this month, on April 9th. Elections (בְּחִירוֹת) in Israel are held every four years, always on Tuesday (since 2003). Election day (יוֺם בְּחִירוֹת) in Israel is a sabbatical day (יוֺם שַׁבָּתוֹן), except for security forces, health services, and other essential services as transportation, communications and gas. The statutory…

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