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Hebrew Words for Entry and Exit Posted by on Mar 22, 2021

The Hebrew words for entrance and exit are both feminine. They both end with the feminine suffix – the letter ה: When talking about a specific entry or exit, we use the singular feminine demonstrative pronoun זוֹ (pronounced as zo), or זוֹהִי (pronounced as zo-i). For example: לַבִּנְיָן שְׁתֵי כְּנׅיסוֺת, זוֹהִי הַכְּנִיסָה הָרָאשִׁית. The building…

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Israeli Woman who Crossed into Syria Returns to Israel Posted by on Mar 8, 2021

On October 5th 2020, during a state of alert along the Israeli-Lebanese border, an Israeli woman in civilian clothes was spotted right near the fence. Pictures of the woman in her twenties sitting alone in a civilian SUV, with an open window, smiling right to the Hezbollah camera, were shared in Lebanese social media. At…

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