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Getting Around Tel Aviv Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Note: This post and future posts will be using a more interactive way to help you learn Hebrew. Hovering your mouse cursor over the Hebrew words (without clicking on them) will show you how to pronounce the word in Hebrew, along with the English translation. This will help you get used to reading Hebrew faster.

Sorry for the delay, but I took some time to see what Tel Aviv has to offer – places to visit, to do and see. Especially places to eat (and there are plenty of those!). I’m going to use this post to give some basic navigating vocabulary. I’ll use the next post to ask someone for directions. Shall we go?

  1. Starting from my hotel in Ramat Gan, I head צָפוֹן on זיסמן שׁלום
  2. At the כִּכָּר תְּנוּעָה, I take the 5th exit and stay on זיסמן שׁלום‎‎
  3. Continue onto דרך זאב ז’בוטינסקי
  4. Continue to the right onto דרך מנחם בגין‎‎. In a few seconds, you’ll pass the צוֹמֶת of דֶּרֶךְ נַמִיר and שדרות שאול המלך.
  5. Continue straight through the צָפוֹן since the name of the street you’re driving on changes to שדרות שאול המלך – interesting, eh?
  6. We’re coming upon the street אִבֵּן גֶבִּירוֹל. I’m going to make a בְּצַד שְׂמֹאל there and head צָפוֹן, staying on
    אִבֵּן גֶבִּירוֹל

  7. Then we continue onto יהודה הלוי‎ for a couple minutes and…
  8. Turn right onto בלפור‎
  9. Then I’ll לפנות ימינה onto בלפור‎

  10. Continue straight to stay on Allenby/אלנבי‎
  11. There’s going to be a מִסְעָף in the road where it splits into אלנבי and בן יהודה. I’m going left to stay on אלנבי and look for הירקון‎ where I’ll turn left again.
  12. At the corner of הירקון‎ and גאולה streets is the Tourist Information Center.
  13.  I’m going to stop there and get some maps and other information about תל אביב.

In the next few posts, I’ll be visiting different places and sharing the best Tel Aviv has to offer. And believe me, in a city like this there are plenty of places to go and never get bored.

Useful Phrases

next to – אלְיַד‎

outside – בַּחוּץ‎

between – בין‎

inside – בפנים‎

to pass the – להעביר את‎

to cross the street – לחצות את הכביש‎

to go straight – ללכת ישר‎

up – למעלה‎

down – למטה‎

turn right at the intersection/junction – לפנות ימינה בצומת ‎

across from – ממול‎

under – מתחת‎

Places and Landmarks

bridge – גשר‎

square – כיכר‎

sidewalk – מדרכה‎

traffic light – רמזור‎

main road – כביש הראשי‎

Images from Google Maps (Streetview)

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