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What are these? Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in Conversation, Learning Hebrew, Phrases, Uncategorized, Vocabulary

Today we’re going to expand on the plural nouns post. Remember when we learned about the pronouns זֶה (zeh) and זֹאת (zot)?

The plural form for these is אֵלֶה (eh-leh), meaning ‘these’. The good news is, you don’t have to learn two different forms of this word. It can be used for either mascuilne or feminine nouns. Let me show you how to use it:

אֵלֶה לִימוֹנִים (eh-leh lee-mon-eem) – These are lemons
אֵלֶה חַלוֹת (eh-leh khah-lot) – These are (loaves of) Challa (bread)
אֵלֶה תָלמִידוֹת (eh-leh tal-mee-dot) – These are (female) students
אֵלֶה שִׂירִים (eh-leh sheer-eem) – These are songs

Would you like to try it out? See if you can translate these sentences into Hebrew – you may need to review the post on using זֶה (zeh) and זֹאת (zot):

  1. These are students
  2. This is a boy
  3. These are teachers
  4. This is a television
  5. These are (bottles of) wine

These – אֵלֶה
student – תַּלְמִיד (masc.)
student – תַּלְמִידָה (fem.)
This – זֹאת (fem.)
This – זֶה (masc.)
boy – יֶלֶד (msc.)
teacher – מוֹרָה (fem.)
teacher – מוֹרֶה (masc.)
television – noun טֶלֶוִיזְיָה (fem.)
wine – יַיִן (masc.)

Audio answers to the post “What is this?”

רַכֶּבֶת (m.) – (rah-keh-veht) – train
מונה ליזה (f.) – Mona Lisa
אִישׁ (m.) – (eesh) – man
הַדֶגֶל (m.) – (hah-deh-gehl) – the flag
תַלְמִידָה (f.) – (tahl-meed-ah) – student
יַלְדָּה (f.) – (yahl-dah) – girl

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