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Caste System Continued Posted by on Nov 29, 2009

Even today, the caste system continues to be a controvercial topic in India. What makes it even more complicated is that the caste system is divided into clans like the अग्रवाल, which shows that it’s superficial to explain Indians in terms of just castes. The question that most people have is, for what purpose did…

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The Caste System Posted by on Nov 26, 2009

In Hindi the term  जाति is the word for caste. The caste system consists of the ब्राह्मण class. The ब्राह्मण class is the class of priests, scholars and teachers. There’s also the क्षत्रिय class, composed of soldiers, kings and nobles. The trading class is the वैश्य class. Then there’s the शूद्र, who are artisans, farmers…

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Traditional Indian Clothes Posted by on Nov 23, 2009

A दुपट्टा is a long scarf that covers the shoulders and is worn over the head. The दुपट्टा can be made out of cotton, silk, and may be lined with gold threads. The दुपट्टा may be plain or monocolored, or lined with intricate patterns. During the Mughal Times, the दुपट्टा was worn for modesty, but now not…

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Hindi Vocab 3 Posted by on Nov 20, 2009

to lie (झूठ बोलना) to learn (सीखना) to know (जानना) to kiss (चूमना) to kill (मारना) to keep (रखना) to increase (बढ़ाना) to help (मदद) to hear (सुनना) to give (देना) to forget (भूलना) to desire (चाहना) to defeat (हराना) to cry (रोना) to cook (खाना बनाना ) to come (आना) to bring (लाना) to become (बनना)  

Hindi Vocab 2 Posted by on Nov 17, 2009

गाना (to sing) बेचना (to sell) देखना (to see) खोजना (to search) कहना (to say) बचाना (to save) बुनना (to roast) घूमना (to resolve) आराम करना (to relax) पहचानना (to recognize) पाना (to receive) बनाना (to prepare) खोलना (to open) मिलना (to meet) देखना (to look) रहना (to live) सुनना (to listen) पसंद करना (to like)…

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Hindi Vocab Posted by on Nov 14, 2009

Here are some more verbs that may come in handy. They are listed in the infinitive, but with the grammar we’ve covered so far, I’m sure you can use them in extensive and different ways. काम करना (to work) चाहना (to wish) जीतना (to win) स्वागत करना (to welcome) पहनना (to wear) धोना (to wash)…

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Past Imperfect Tense Posted by on Nov 11, 2009

The past imperfect tense is used to describe actions that were habitually completed. Examples are: “I used to study”, or “I used to run” or “I used to work” Here is an example with the verb “to go” I used to go (masculine) : मैं जाता था I used to go (feminine) : मैं जाती…

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