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Traditional Indian Clothes Posted by on Nov 23, 2009 in Hindi Language

A दुपट्टा is a long scarf that covers the shoulders and is worn over the head. The दुपट्टा can be made out of cotton, silk, and may be lined with gold threads. The दुपट्टा may be plain or monocolored, or lined with intricate patterns. During the Mughal Times, the दुपट्टा was worn for modesty, but now not only is it for modesty, it is also a fashion statement. Nowadays one side of the दुपट्टा can be thrown over one shoulder.

A धोती is a piece of cloth that is knotted and worn around the waist by men. The धोती is considered a type of formal clothing. For purposes of convenience, sometimes the ends of the धोती is folded; thereby showing the legs. However when talking to a superior or a woman, it is disrespectful to have the layers of the धोती folded. Usually some type of कुरता is worn in addition to the धोती.

A कुरता is a long sleeved gown that falls below the knees. Usually some sort of trouser is worn in addition to the कुरता. Sometimes the front of the कुरता is lined with buttons. The buttons may be precious gemstones. I’ve even seen a v neck version, but this was probably a fusion of Western and Indian clothing styles. Nowadays, the cuff of the sleeves are decorated and hemmed in a decorative manner.

A चोली is a light, fabric dress worn by girls and unmarried women. The sleeves are short-sleeved and the dress covers the ankles. The most popular types of fabric tend to be thin like satin and silk. The चोली is a common form of traditional wear at weddings and other formal events. The चोली is popular because it can be form fitting without being too revealing or immodest.

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