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Trinity in Hinduism – Trimurti Posted by on Jan 23, 2012

Lord Vishnu

In Hindu mythology, there is also a concept of trinity. In Hindi, it is called ” त्रिमूर्ति ” (Trimurti from Sanskrit, tri = three, murti = figure ). According to Vedanta’s cosmic philosophy, there exist the three figures namely “ब्रह्मा” (Brahma), who created the universe, ” विष्णु” (Vishnu) who maintain and preserve it and “शिव”…

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Reading Comprehension – Answers & Explanation Posted by on Jan 17, 2012

Hopefully, you had a great time with the last exercise. Today, I will show the mistakes and explain about them. Below, you will find the original text with the mistakes in red color, the correct words in brackets () and reference number in squares []. Please have a look for the explanation below. Before explanation…

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Reading Comprehension – A Grammatical Exercise Posted by on Jan 17, 2012

In this post, lets practice some grammar. I have written a passage but I have introduced some deliberate grammatical mistakes which you have to find and point. Also, please try to understand the passage and suggest a suitable title for this passage. I am providing some vocabulary to make your comprehension a little easier. Hope…

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Basic Vocabulary in Hindi – III Posted by on Jan 14, 2012

Many of you might be just starting to learn Hindi and many of you are still struggling to figure out, what and how to say some of the elementary words related to colors, shapes, surfaces, tastes as well as smell in Hindi. I have made this post along with the pronunciation scheme (romanized Hindi) along…

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Causative Verbs Posted by on Jan 13, 2012

Causative verbs in Hindi are very interesting but they could be confusing for you at the beginning. The most important point to remember about them is that these verbs denote an action which is not directly performed by the subject but indirectly through some agent. Lets have a look on these causative verbs with some…

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Conversational Hindi Posted by on Jan 12, 2012

In this post, I would like to show some of the interesting point which you would notice in conversational Hindi. These point are apparent when people are having conversation in a familiar setting (using familiar form of you, तू (tu)) . Below, you will find few examples from various verbs.  Please notice the first terms…

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Conversations in Hindi – Visit to a Bank Posted by on Jan 11, 2012

In most of big cities in India, you will find ATMs from Indian as well as some foreign banks and you can use them for withdrawing money (you can use VISA to withdraw money from Indian bank even you have an account with a foreign bank i.e. Sparkasse Dortmund, a German Bank) . However, sometime…

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