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Conversational Hindi Posted by on Jan 12, 2012 in Hindi Language

In this post, I would like to show some of the interesting point which you would notice in conversational Hindi.

These point are apparent when people are having conversation in a familiar setting (using familiar form of you, तू (tu)) . Below, you will find few examples from various verbs.  Please notice the first terms ( i.e. ले (le), कर (kar) etc) and compare it with second ones (which is used in formal situation, आप (Aap)  i.e. लीजिये (lijiye), कीजिये (kijiye) etc)

ले (le) – लीजिये (lijiye) – to take
तू यह १०० रुपए ले – आप यह 100 रुपए लीजिये
tu yeh 100 rupee le – aap yeh 100 rupee lijiye
Take these 100 rupees.

खा ले (kha le) – खा लीजिये (kha lijiye) – to eat, to take food
तू अब खाना खा ले – आप अब खाना खा लीजिये
tu ab khana ka le – aap ab kaha kha lijiye.
You take your food now or you should eat now.

कर (kar) – कीजिये (kijiye) – to do
तू कर, मैं नहीं करूँगा – आप कीजिये, मैं नहीं करूँगा
tu kar, main nahi karunga – aap kijiye, main nahi karunga.
You do it, I will not do it.

काम कर (kaam kar) – काम कीजिये (kaam kijiye) – to do work
आज तू काम कर, मैंने कल किया था. – आज आप काम कीजिये, मैंने कल किया था.
aaj tu kaam kar, maine kal kiya tha – aaj aap kaam kijiye, maine kal kiya tha.
You do the work today, I did it yesterday.

जा (ja) – जाईये (jayiye) – to go
तू यहाँ से जा – आप यहाँ से जाईये
tu yaha se jaa – aap yaha se jayiye.
Please go from here.

चला जा (chala jaa) – चले जाईये (chale jayiye) – to go, to leave
तू उसके साथ चला जा – आप उसके साथ चले जाईये
tu uske sath chala jaa – aap uske sath chale jayiye.
You go with him.

रुक जा (ruk ja) – रुक जाईये (ruk jayiye) – to stay
तू यही रुक जा – आप यही रुक जाईये.
tu yahi ruk ja – aap yahi ruk jayiye.
Please stay here.

सिखा दे – सिखा दीजिये – to give teaching (from देना (dena) – to give)
तू मुझे भी सिखा दे – आप मुझे भी सिखा दीजिये
Teach me also.

चल (chal) – चलिये (chaliye) – to go
तू चल, मैं भी आता हूँ – आप चलिये, मैं भी आता हूँ
tu chal, mein bhi aata hoon. – aap chaliye, main bhi aata hoon.
You go, I am also coming.

कर (kar) – करिये (kariye) – to do
तू कर, मुझे मत बोल – आप करिये, मुझे मत बोलिये
tu kar, mujhe mat bol. – aap kariye, mujhe mat boliye.
You do it, don’t tell me.

बता (bata) – बताईये (batayiye) – to tell
तू बता, केसा है? – आप बताईये, केसे हैं
tu bata, kesa hai? – aap batayiye, kese hain?
You tell, how are you?

सुना (suna) – सुनाईये (sunayiye) – to tell, to speak
मैं सही हूँ, तू सुना? – मैं सही हूँ, आप सुनाईये?
main sahi hoon, tu suna? – main sahi hoon, aap sunayiye?
I am doing well, you tell?

लिख (likh) – लिखिये (likhiye) – to write
तू लिख, मैं नहीं लिखूंगा – आप लिखिये, मैं नहीं लिखूंगा
tu likh, main nahi likhunga. – aap likhiye, main nahi likhunga.
You write, I will not write.

सुन (sun) – सुनिये (suniye) – to listen
तू यह गाना सुन, बहुत अच्छा है – आप यह गाना सुनिये, बहुत अच्छा है
tu yeh gana sun, bahut accha hai. – aap yeh gana suniye, bahut accha hai.
Do listen to this song, it’s awesome.

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