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Venturing on The Mumbai Suburban Railway Posted by on Jul 31, 2018

Most visitors to India and Mumbai have heard about the packed local trains of the Mumbai Suburban Railway. Few have the courage to venture a ride and those who do so are either exhilarated or scarred … the experience is yours to define. The swell of passengers will sweep you in and shove you out of…

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Traditional Crafts as Trip Souvenirs Posted by on Jul 22, 2018

Regional handicrafts हस्तकला (hastkala) in India are popular not only for their regional  प्रादेशिक (praadeshik) uniqueness विशिष्टता (vishishtataa) and beauty, but they also make great souvenirs and gifts for travelers यात्री (yaatri) to take back home. The government of India has Cottage Industries Emporium showrooms across the country and also at airports, where you can find traditional पारम्परिक (paaramparik) crafts शिल्प (shilp) from various parts of the country. The objects available…

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Idioms Continued Posted by on Jul 21, 2018

In my previous post, I discussed idioms that have to do with facial features. Despite the seeming randomness of this choice, I was taught by one of my greatest Hindi teachers that categorizing idioms and learning them as part of those categories makes it easier.  And, he was right, of course! The same goes for…

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Rail Journeys Posted by on Jul 11, 2018

If you are ever seized by the desire to see India up close करीब से (qareeb se), and should you have a good month at your disposal, chart a journey यात्रा (yaatra)  that puts you on India’s magnificent railway network, crisscrossing and connecting major hubs, cities, towns and remote villages across the length and breadth of the country. In…

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Idioms with a Twist Posted by on Jul 7, 2018

Each language has its own stock of colorful and (sometimes) seemingly nonsensical idioms or, as they’re called in Hindi, मुहावरे/muhaavre (मुहावरा/muhaavra, singular). Luckily for the Hindi student, this language is teeming with vibrant turns of phrase that you can slip into almost any conversation. As some of my Hindi teachers have taught me, it is…

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Current Events in Hindi Posted by on Jul 6, 2018

If you’re stuck for a way to up your Hindi game or just want to refresh your existing knowledge, reading the news in Hindi is a great way to go. BBC Hindi is just one of many websites that offers extensive and timely coverage of current events in India and abroad, all in Hindi, of course…

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