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Top 10 Cultural Competence Tips Posted by on Jun 30, 2021

1. Understand Hindi language भाषा speakers have ways of expressing व्यक्त themselves that may be difficult कठिन to understand. They are used to speaking in a circular परिपत्र manner, to beat about the bush, as we say. But, given time समय one gets used to it. 2. Observe ध्यान से देखना always Look at the totality…

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Tea, Coffee and Class Posted by on Jun 30, 2021


India is a land of caste जाति and class श्रेणी. Whether people realize it or not, they utilize class-conscious वर्ग जागरूक ways of behavior. For example, speaking in English, shows you are upwardly mobile उपरिगामी गतिशीलता. While Tapori is lower in status even though it has been gaining acceptance स्वीकृति प्राप्त करना by higher classes…

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Ruskin Bond – An Unlikely Indian Posted by on Jun 27, 2021

I remember having to read the books पुस्तकें by Ruskin Bond, in the private all-girls Catholic School I attended. Ruskin Bond is a famous प्रसिद्ध author on the Indian subcontinent उपमहाद्वीप although little is known about him here in North America. Origins Ruskin Bond was born to British parents माता-पिता who at that time were…

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Mumbai: Koliwadas and Gaothans Posted by on Jun 19, 2021

The Kolis are one of Mumbai’s oldest communities सबसे पुराने समुदाय living in Koliwadas. Their industry उद्योग which is fishing is instrumental in determining निर्धारण में सहायक the coastline of Mumbai. There was another एक और community that flourished निखरा back in the day. These natives communities मूल निवासी समुदाय are called the Gaothans. This…

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The Kolis Posted by on Jun 9, 2021

A short distance दूरी from the house I grew up in, is a little fishing village गाँव called Danda Koliwada. The village is so close that every afternoon दोपहर the smell of drying fish मछली comes wafting into  the open windows खुली खिड़कियाँ of my home. The Kolis, as these fisherfolk मछुआरों are called dry…

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