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Adverb of Quantity Posted by on Jan 26, 2014 in Hindi Language

In Hindi, there are three types of adverbs as I have mentioned in my post on Adverbs in Hindi. Out of these 3 adverbs, in this post I will revisit the adverbs of quantity in Hindi with some more examples.

As we know that the words which give the measure (quantity) of action are called Adverb of Quantity. In Hindi, it is called परिमाणवाचक क्रिया विषेशण (Parimaanvaachak Kriya Visheshan).

Some of the examples are:

1. अब में बिल्कुल थक चुका हूँ।  – Ab mein bilkul thak chuka hoon. – Now, I am surely/totally exhausted.
2. उतना खाना चाहिए जितना पच सके। – Utna khana chahiye jitna pach sake. – We should eat that much which can be digested.

The underlined words, बिल्कुल (surely), उतना (that much), जितना (as much) are the adverb of quantity.

In Hindi, the adverb of quantity can be further grouped into 5 types as per what they describe about the quantity of actions. These are:

1. अधिकतावाचक (Excess)
e.g. खूब (Khub – abundant), अत्यन्त (Atyant – extreme), अधिक (Adhik – more)।

Example: वह अत्यंत मेहनती व्यक्ति है। – Veh atyant mehanati vyakti hai. – He is very hard working person.

2. न्यूनतावाचक (Minimal)
e.g. कम (Kam – less), थोडा (Thoda – little)।

Example: मैं थोड़ा काम कर लू, फिर बात करते हैं। – Main thoda kaam kar lu, fir baat karte hain. – I will finish some work and then, we will talk.

3. पर्याप्तवाचक (Adequate)
e.g. पर्याप्त (Pryapt – enough) , बहुत (Bahut – enough/sufficient)।

Example: आज मुझे बहुत काम है। – Aaj mujhe bahut kaam hai. – Today I have much work.

4. तुलनावाचक (Comparison)
e.g. कितना (Kitna – how much), जितना (Jitna – as much), इतना (Itna – this much), उतना (Utna – that much)।

Example: तुम जितना काम कर सकते हो, कर दो। – Tum jitna kaam kar sakte ho, kar do. – You do as much work as much you can.

5. श्रेणीवाचक (Category)
e.g. बारी-बारी से (Bari-bari se – one by one), कम से (Kam se – as little), थोडा-थोड़ा (Thoda-thoda  – little by little)।

Example: मैं थोड़ा-थोड़ा कर के इस काम को पूरा कर दूँगा। – Main thoda-thoda kar ke is kaam ko pura kar dunga. – I will finish this work by doing little by little.

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