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An Indian Breakfast Posted by on Mar 10, 2018 in Hindi Language

Families परिवार/कुटुंब (parivaar/kutumb) begin their day with a hot beverage like tea, coffee, or milk, चाय, कॉफ़ी, या दूध (chaai, coffee, ya doodh) and a substantial breakfast that keeps you satiated until lunch time दोपहर का खाना (dopahar ka khana). Especially for school-going children, this is important since the practice of “snack time” in the mid-morning isn’t very commonly observed.

When I was in school, my breakfast would comprise a variety of things including leftovers creatively rehashed from the previous night’s dinner रात का खाना (raat ka khana). Often it would be roti/chapati and subzi  रोटी/चपाती -सब्ज़ी (roti/chapati-subzi) or yogurt mixed into rice or दही-चावल (dahi-chawal).
Here are four delicious breakfast items, the second one somewhat unique. The first two are typically found in North India.
Aloo Paratha आलू पराठा

Aloo Parathas. Image by Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay on Flickr.com

Leavened flatbread stuffed with a spicy potato filling, and baked in a clay oven or on a griddle. It is served drizzled with ghee घी, and considered an all-time favorite across North India.आलू (aloo) = potato

पराठा[ (paratha) = leavened flatbread

घी (ghee) = clarified butter
Jalebi and Milk जलेबी और दूध 

Jalebi and Milk. Image by K. Harish Singh on Flickr.com

Jalebi is an orange-colored spiral मिठाई (mithaai) made of flour, deep-fried and saturated in sugar syrup.जलेबी (jalebi) = a sweet made of flour, deep-fried and saturated in sugar syrup.

और (aur) = and

दूध (doodh) = milk
Poha पोहा

Poha. (Image by rovingl on Flickr.com)

Flattened rice, soaked and softened and then tossed with seasoning (including turmeric, mustard, chopped green chilies, and crushed peanut).पोहा (poha) = flattened rice

हल्दी (haldi) = turmeric

राई (raaee) = mustard seeds

हरी मिर्च (hari mirch) = green chilies

तड़का (tadka) = seasoning

मूंगफली (moongphali) = peanuts
Poori-Bhaji or Aloo Subzi and Poori पूरी -भाजी or आलू सब्ज़ी -पूरी 

Poori Bhaji (Image by Yummy O Yummy on Flickr.com)

Dough rolled out into palm-sized circles, then deep fried to form pooris पूरी and served with aloo subzi/ bhaji आलू सब्ज़ी /भाजी, a spicy potato preparation.आलू (aloo) = potato

सब्ज़ी /भाजी (subzi/bhaji) = a spicy vegetable preparation

पूरी (poori) = palm-sized circular flatbread, deep-fried.
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