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Answers to the Review Posted by on Oct 24, 2009 in Hindi Language

I will eat (masculine) (मैं खाऊँगा) [for future tense take a look at the post for Oct. 18]

She is a girl (वह लड़की है) [present tense see Aug 20]

They are writing a letter (masculine) (वे हिंदी पत्र लिख रहे हैं) [present continuous tense – Sept 4]

You fell (feminine) (To fall = गिरना) (आप गिर ईं) [Simple past tense – Sept 10]

We had slept (masculine) (हम सोए थे) [Past perfect – Oct 15]

He walked [to walk = चलना] (वह चला)

I am eating (feminine) (मैं खा रहा हूँ)

They went home (masculine). (Home = घर) (वे घर गए)

You will see (masculine) (आप देखेंगे)

We were (feminine) (हम थे)

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