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Answers Posted by on Sep 25, 2009 in Hindi Language

She slept. To sleep = सोना. (वह सोई)

We cleaned the room. To clean = साफ करना. Room = कमरा. (हमने कमरा साफ किया)

The toy broke. To break = टूटना. Toy = खिलौना. (खिलौना टूटा)

I laughed (feminine). To laugh = हंसना. (मैं हँसी)

He picked up the pen. To pick = उठाना. Pen = कलम. (उसने कलम उठाई)

You cut the paper. To cut = काटना. Paper = कागज. (आपने कागज काटा)

They joined hands. To join = जोड़ना. Hands = हाथ. (उन्होंने हाथ जोड़े)

We swam. To swim = तैरना. (हम तैरे)

The bird flew. To fly = उड़ना. Bird = पंछी. (पंछी उड़ा)

They wandered (feminine). To wander = घूमना. (वे घूमीं)

I caught the ball. To catch = पकड़ना. Ball = गेंद. (मैंने गेंद पकड़ी)

The boy hid. To hide = छिपाना. Boy = बच्चा. (बच्चा छिपा)


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