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Antonyms in Hindi Posted by on Feb 21, 2011 in Hindi Language

In Hindi, Antonyms are called विलोम (vilom). In todays lesson, I will show the antonyms for some of the common Hindi words.

Important Note : Many antonyms are being made by adding certain prefix. You can find many of them in the table below. They will sound similar after the before-said prefix. Some of the common prefix are अनु (anu), आ (aa), अ (a) , नि (ni) , वि (vi), प्रति (prati) etc.

The romanized spellings are given in brackets.

Word Word’s Meaning Antonyms Antonym’s Meaning
क्रिया (kriya) Action प्रतिक्रिया (pratikriya) Reaction
उपयोग (upyog) Use अनुपयोग (Anupyog) Mis-use
उधामी (Udhami) Hardworking आलसी (Aalsi) Lazy
आदान (adan) Take प्रदान (pradan) Give
खेद (khed) Sadness प्रसन्नता (prasanta) Happiness
धनी (dhani) Rich निर्धन (nirdhan) Poor
गमन (gaman) Departure आगमन (aagman) Arrival
नवीन (naveen) New प्राचीन (pracheen) Ancient
गुप्त (gupt) Hidden प्रकट (prakat) Visible
पास (paas) Near दूर (dur) Far
आशा (aasha) Hope निराशा (nirasha) Despair
एकता (ekta) Unity अनेकता (anekta) Plurality
अल्प (alp) Scarce अधिक (adhik) Plenty
एक (ek) One अनेक (anek) Many
उधर (udhar) Credit नक़द (nakad) Cash
आकर्षण (aakarshad) Attraction विकर्षण (vikarshad) Repulsion
उतार (utar) Low चढ़ाव (chadav) High
आयात (aayat) Import निर्यात (niryat) Export
उत्थान (udhan) Growth पतन (patan) Decline
उग्र (ugar) Fierce शांत (shant) Calm
सफलता (safalta) Success विफलता ( vifalta) Failure
उदार (udaar) Generous अनुदार (anudaar) Conservative
दोषी (dhoshi) Guilty निर्दोषी (nirdhoshi) Innocent
नया (naya) New पुराना (purana) Old
उचित (uchit) Appropriate अनुचित (anuchit) Inappropriate
उन्नति (unnati) Progress अवनति (avnati) Decline
अभिमान ( abhiman) Pround नम्रता (namrata) Modesty
न्याय (nyay) Justice अन्याय (anyay) Injustice

In the next lesson, I will cover another interesting and similar topic.

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