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Buddha’s Birthday Posted by on May 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

May 27th of 2010 was Buddha Purnima (बुद्ध पुर्णिमा), also called Buddha Jayanti (बुद्ध जयंती). It’s an important day for Buddhists because it commemorates the birth of Buddha, his death, and his attainment of enlightenment. This is a day where Buddhists abstain from meat and liquor. It’s a day of compassion, and followers give offerings of money to the poor.

Buddhists also recite chants that include Buddhist teachings :

Bodhgaya (बोधगया), India is considered a sacred site for Buddhist pilgrims. Buddhists believe that the Buddha sat under a Bodhi tree in this city. They believe that it was under this tree that Buddha received enlightenment. Like the Buddha did, followers also visit the tree to gain enlightenment :

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