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Buddhist Monasteries in India Posted by on Oct 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

India has someĀ of the most interesting and decorative Buddhist monasteries in the world.

One such monastery is Dubdi Monastery. The Dubdi Monastery is located in northeastern India. It is one of the oldest monasteries in the state of Sikkam. This monastery is important because it was built around the time the territory of Sikkam became a state. The monastery is still in use and important manuscripts and documents can be seen in the monastery.

The Rumtek Monastery in India is the largest monastery in the state of Sikkam. This Monastery is also a place of past violence. Rival groups of monks have fought for supremacy of the monastery, and this has led to violence in the area. As a result, Indian troops still patrol the area to ensure peace. The irony is that this monastery is supposed to be a place of calm and non violence.

The Pemayangtse Monasteryin India is one of the more prestigious monasteries in India. In order to become a monk here, you have to fulfill the strict requirements of the monastery. For example, you have to be celibate and be of pure Tibetan heritage. Monks of this esteemed order wear special red hats to distinguish themselves from other monks.


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