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Chhath Posted by on Nov 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Chhath (छठ) is an old Hindu festival that honors Surya (सूर्य). Surya is the Hindu sun god. A puja (पूजा) is performed to ask Surya for long life, health and prosperity. A puja is an offering given to a deity to receive a blessing in return.

Other rituals include bathing in a holy body of water, such as the Ganges (गंगा), and offering a prayer to the Sun God.

The Chhath festival lasts over a period of four days. It’s a time when people fast, clean their houses meticulously, light lamps, sing traditional songs and pray. When the festival is over, family and friends get together and partake in the offering food. It’s a reflective and optimistic time for most people.

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