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Comparing Things Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in Hindi Language

For today’s lesson, we will explore ways to make a comparison between people.

Let’s start off with a comparative sentence:

He is older than you : वह आप से बड़ा है 

वह = He. आप = you. से = than. बड़ा = tall. है = is.

The से postposition is what makes this sentence a comparative sentence.

You can also use the adverb अधिक, which means “more”, to show a comparison.

That book is better (more good) than this one : वह पुस्तक इस पुस्तक से अधिक अच्छी है

वह = that. पुस्तक = book. इस = this. पुस्तक = book. से = than. अधिक = more. अच्छी = good. है = is.

There’s also the option of using के मुकाबले में as a way to compare things.

के मुकाबले में literally means “in comparison with”

This girl is wiser than that girl or This girl is wiser in comparison with that girl :

उस लड़की के मुकाबले में यह लड़की बुद्धिमान है

उस = that. लड़की = girl. के मुकाबले में = in comparison with. यह = this. लड़की = girl. बुद्धिमान = wise. है = is.

Now let’s look at a sentence that expresses the superlative:

Sunil is the wisest of all in his class : सुनील कक्षा में सब से अधिक बुद्धिमान है

सुनील = Sunil. कक्षा = class. में = in. सब से अधिक = most. बुद्धिमान = wise. है = is.

So you see here that सब से अधिक acts as the superlative.

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