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Compound Verbs Posted by on Aug 26, 2009 in Hindi Language

All Hindi verbs end with ना. When you remove the suffix ना, you’re left with the stem of the verb. In Hindi, there are some verbs that only require a single word. These verbs are called simple verbs. There are also compound verbs that take on a second word. Take a look at some of these compound verbs.

जवाब देना = to answer

याचना करना = to beg

ले जाना = to carry away

साफ करना = to clean

पार करना = to cross

प्रवेश करना = to enter

ठीक  करना = to fix

प्यार करना = to love

रक्षा करना = to protect

सेवा करना = to serve

सफर करना  = to travel

इस्तेमाल करना = to use

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