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Conditionals Posted by on Feb 18, 2010 in Hindi Language

In English, conditionals are “If…then” statements.

Let’s take a look at a sentence with an “If…them” statement in Hindi:

If it rains, then the crops will be good : अगर/यदि बारिश होगी फिर अच्छी फसल होगी

In the sentence above, अगर/यदि are the “if” clauses. You can use either अगर or यदि to denote “if”.

फिर is the “then” clause

बारिश = rain. होगी = fall. अच्छी = good. फसल = crop. होगी = will be.

Therefore the word order for this sentence in Hindi will be : “If rain fall then good crop will be”.

The order of the clauses doesn’t matter much in Hindi. Technically you can switch the order of the clauses, and place the “if” clause towards the end of the sentence to say:

The crop will be good if it rains : फिर अच्छी फसल होगी अगर बारिश होगी

So in Hindi the word order will be: “Then good crop will if rain falls”

Also, फिर isn’t always necessary as a “then” clause. You can also use तो to denote the “then” clause.

Here is an example :

If you will not come, I will go : यदी आप नहीं आएँगे, तो मैं जाऊँगा

यदी = “if” clause. आप = you (polite). नहीं = not. आएँगे = will come, तो = then. मैं = I. जाऊँगा = will go.

So the word order in this sentence is, “If you not will come then I will go”.

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