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Dahi Handi Posted by on Aug 30, 2014 in Hindi Language

In many festivals in India, the festival of Janmashtami (also called Krishna Janmashtami) is an important festival which is celebrated all over India. Janmashtami (जन्माष्टमी) is celebrated on the occasion of birth of lord Krishna in the month of August. Especially in the state of Maharashtra, the festival is celebrated with much passion by reenacting the childhood of Lord Krishna. Dahi Handi (दही dahi: curd, हांड़ी handi: earthen pot) is one such reenact which is based on the legend of the child-god Krishna stealing butter (मक्खन – Makkhan) from the pot. Processions of Dahi Handi involves making a human pyramid and breaking an earthen pot filled with curd which is placed at a height (ऊंचाई – Unchaai).

According to the legends, the child-god Krishna and his friends used to form human pyramids so as to break pots hung from the ceilings of neighborhood houses in Vrindavan (a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in North India) to steal curd and butter. Lord Krishna used to steal butter and curd and distribute it among his friends in defiance to evil King Kaunsa’s rule (his maternal uncle) as all milk products produced in the city must be given to King leaving children deprived of milk product. In reenact in the processions of Dahi Handi, there is a team of participants depicting Krishna and his friends. Every such participant of a team is called Govinda (alias of Krishna) or Govinda Pathak.

In the state of Maharashtra, the event of Dahi Handi is organized at almost every locality. The earthen pot or Handi is filled with milk, curd, butter, fruits and water or prize money and placed at a reasonable height. Various teams participates in the events of Dahi Handi in order to prove their mantle and win respect, honor, and prize.

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